The Living Lab

The living lab service is operated under the TLLL (Technoport Living Lab Luxembourg) service line. TLLL has recently obtained the ENoLL (European Network Of Living Labs) label. The living lab as business incubation support service is operated to facilitate entrepreneurs’ decision-making in the product/service design lifecycle for value proposals validation. Living labs are operated in TLLL to reduce entrepreneurs technical and market risks by integrating user participation in the critical entrepreneurial decision process. The living lab is also a reliable mean to rapidly evaluate the scalability of a given value proposal in chosen cross-border and international markets. Through the participation of target user communities, living labs allow mastering the degree of customisation or standardisation that should be applied to products and services in different markets.

Some European thematic focus of the TLLL are the following:

  • Smart cities, future internet, internet of things
  • Creative media & creative industries, User driven contents, Social networks, web 2.0
  • Regional, territorial and rural development of smart regions


The Technoport is currently participating to LILA (LIving Labs Application for internationalisation of start-up companies) a 2013-2015 Interreg IVB project in collaboration with EU Living Labs such as Lorraine Smart Cities Living Lab. Through such initiatives the Technoport is scaling its national living lab service offer and is in parallel contributing to the consolidation of transnational citizen user groups and more specifically organizing groups of users from the EU NWE regions. Participate to the LILA project here