Those innovative web entrepreneurs are supported by us and are making use of our shared facilities:


Healthcast empowers parents to fluidly provide best-practice care for children with sudden illness.


Parkender is an on-demand parking service that connects drivers looking for a spot with owners wanting to rent them out when idle. For our customers, we solve the painful parking problem in city centers through enhancing the existing offer and enabling garage owners to capitalize on their underutilized assets.



The unique global, independant and collaborative real estate platform targeting owners, promoters and property management companies. 



Innovative solutions for Biowaste storage and transportation


WELLELSE develops a versatile digital platform to empower people and organisations in their work and daily life with ambient and artificial intelligence based on connected tools, services, and smart contracts.


Yollty brings customers and local businesses closer by rewarding engagement and loyalty. It is a platform that allows small and medium businesses to reward quickly and easily loyal customers and social promoters, gain insights into the behaviour of customers and acquire new ones through promotional activities.


Helps developers to go faster from design to code by reusing the knowledge embedded in the design and converting it into ready-to-use source code. It improves the way developers create web & mobile applications and considerably reduces development costs.