bridging your ideas to success!

Technoport® ltd. has been set-up back in June 2012 as the result of the merge between the former Technoport®, a technology-oriented business incubator launched by the Public Research Center Henri Tudor back in 1998, and Ecostart I and II, business support infrastructures developed since 2004 by the Ministry of the Economy and Foreign Trade. The global mission of Technoport® is to help and support individuals to validate and bridge their ideas to success through three platforms. The technology-oriented business incubator; the fab lab and the coworking concept.

The Technology business incubator:

this activity is the core business of Technoport®. The goal here is to promote and support the creation and development of innovative and technology-oriented companies in Luxembourg. Technoport® provides either individual entrepreneurs or foreign innovative businesses with access to resources that they typically lack in terms of business support services and infrastructure. The incubator hosts 40 companies on average. Growth and internationalisation are our targets and strengths. 25% of the companies that left the incubator have been acquired by foreign companies.