Technoport your right partner!

Since 1998, Technoport has developed experienced management, networks and services to assist and accelerate the growth of promising, high potential projects and start-ups in Luxembourg.

The support services of Technoport are based around two support programmes, each one corresponding to a specific stage of company development.

"Challenge" - Complete your business plan, feasibility study or proof of concept
"Launch & Grow" - Give yourself the best possible start and grow opportunities

Find out how Technoport can best support you!


Complete your business plan, feasibility study or proof of concept. This program is :

  • Quick : the decision process can be almost immediate
  • Short: limited to a period of 4 months
  • Free: no cost related for you as an entrepreneur with access to our open space infrastructure and management team

The Challenge Programme, is dedicated to individuals or small teams focused on validating a business idea or projec that incorporates some form of technology and innovationt. It is also ideal for spin-out or spin-off projects. This programme delivers support services for business plan issues, feasibility studies, research project elaboration or proof of concept.

  • Benefits to you

Gives you and your project the best possible start. Use our shared infrastructure to concentrate fully on achieving your objectives.

Coaching      access to our management team to assist your project planning and goal/milestone achievement
Learn     Surround yourself with other entrepreneurs to learn and share experiences
Working environment     Use an open space infrastructure with access to shared IT and administrative resources
Increased credibility     Base your project at a renowned establishment
Gain exposure       Increase your network by attending workshops, presentations and introductions to other companies within the Technoport Innovation Network

Launch & Grow

"Launch and Grow" your company within an ideal business location. This programme is:

  • Selective : you need to pass a selection process to be formally accepted as a company
  • Fee-based: you have to pay a monthly collaboration fee depending on which location you choose (Belval or Foetz)
  • Duration: you can plan accordingly by staying up to 3 years (with a double one-year extension opportunity)

The programme is aimed at innovative start-up and small growing companies that have great potential, are based on innovative products and are led by ambitious management focused on local and international markets. If you fit to such criteria and want to focus on growing quickly then base your start-up at Technoport and take advantage of our onsite support and infrastructure to assist you in the achievement of your innovative company objectives.

  • Benefits to you

Join other high-tech companies and become part of the most entrepreneurial environment in Luxembourg.

Coaching      Access to our management team to assist your project planning and goal/milestone achievement.
Get assistance with access to financing as well as management & administrative support.
Learn     Have remote access to Technoport support services. Technoport has specific workshops on Business Development, Marketing, Communication offered exclusively to our network members.
Working environment     Use a complete office infrastructure with access to shared IT and administrative resources or our industrial facilities combining office space with industrial halls.
Share business experiences and opportunities with the other start-ups and high-growth companies. 
Increased credibility     Base your innovative project at a renowned establishment.
Gain exposure       Increase your visibility by benefiting from Technoport's communication and promotion channels and marketing actions.


  • Cost

This is a monthly fee*-based programme. This fee covers all the management support, access to our networks and your very own professional working environment including:

  • Private, ventilated, serviced offices or industrial halls
  • Advanced local area network (LAN) with shared servers fully maintained (only Belval for the moment)
  • High speed Internet (only Belval for the moment)
  • Shared reception and waiting area for guests (only Belval for the moment),
  • Visitor parking and regular car parking (Foetz) ,
  • Meeting and Conference rooms,
  • Laser printers/photocopiers, fax (only Belval for the moment),
  • 24/7 access with complete infrastructure security (ID card access and monitoring).
  • Cleaning services in shared spaces and in private office

* Excluding printing, photocopying and phone/fax charges.

Please do not hesitate to ask Technoport's team for more details.