Agilis Engineering

Agilis Engineering helps industrial companies to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of their critical production equipment, through a unique product and service portfolio covering the total equipment life. They have also developed an innovative non-mechanical decontaminatiom process for cost-intensive substrates and toolings.


Redifining the way golfers connect and travel around the world. All Square is a Luxembourg-based startup founded in 2013 by two students from HEC Lausanne in Switzerland. Designed by golfers for golfers, All Square is engineered to bring golfers together from all parts of the World. We thrive to connect people who share the same passion for the beauty of the game.


Ama Mundu Technologies offers innovative technologies for water extraction with low energy consumption to livestock and agriculture industries, biogas plants, sustainable buildings and hospitality industry.


ANote is the European primary and secondary market for music royalties. We connect Investors with Owners of Music Rights.


Improve your health and wellness with a better indoor environment.
AIRBOXLAB is the first smart device monitoring your indoor air and giving you predictive and personalized advice to improve your air & life quality.


APS revolutionized credit/debit card by introducing innovative, safe, and compatible method to ensure security of card payment in the future


Airfield specialises in RFID architecture: from the tag to the ERP. With a high added value expertise in this fast growing sector, AIRFIELD offers services that cover design, engineering and implementing of RFID solutions. AIRFIELD also shares its expertise through trainings and workshops to help large accounts defining their RFID strategy. Focusing on pragmatic targets and leading to optimise the benefits of RFID deployment, our experts pilot your traceability projects from the beginning to the end.


The company was founded back in 2007. The founder build the company on over 15 years of expertise in the development of a complex industrial software in France that contributed to the Prélude InspectionTM system, as well as scientific collaborations with the Universities of Luxembourg, Paris VI and Illinois (USA) which lead to the Ambiance system.


Healthcare IT innovations - Telemedicine and EMR cloud solution for remote medical examination.


ARTNOLENS is a startup specialised in the development of tools for the creative industries.


Building the technologies and systems needed to enable affordable deep-space access.


Business Solutions for Innovative Cleaning is a company offering expertise in the fields of innovative cleaning and scouring. It analyses, defines, develops and installs the most appropriate solutions based on three different technologies: laser, atmospheric plasma and cryogeny (dry ice blasting).


Caselex is a networked operation calling for legal expertise and translations covering 31 European countries. Our aim is to maintain Europe's best network of legal experts, country correspondents and legal translators. Established as the venture organisation, Caselex s.a.r.l. has set out to bring the service Caselex to legal practitioners across Europe and beyond. As a dynamic, small and flexible organisation it focuses on dialogue with the users of the service, and responds to its best ability to their needs and wishes.


Celestial enables data-driven industries to stay ahead of the increasing demands on telecommunication performance. To achieve this, Celestial develops innovative technology for space and terrestrial applications. This includes active array antenna and radar systems for applications in satellite communication, mobility terminals, and smart city 5G infrastructure across different industries.


City Mov’ is active in the field of 'soft-mobility'. The company offers an innovative new rental service profiding convenient 24/7 self-service access to a fleet of electric cars for corporates or municipalities. The very heart of City Mov’s business philosophy is to put technological innovation at the service of sustainable mobility and thus encourage alternative means of transportation. 


Clariance offers IT monitoring solutions adapted to the needs of small and medium-sized organisations. Their flexible and easy-to-use software Monitance provides decision makers with strategic information and greatly reduces the cost of IT ownership for the client companies.


Clubee aims to fully automate sports organizations (teams, leagues, federations). So far, we are providing our clients with automated Communication, Marketing, Sponsor Relations, Finance, CRM, and more via an AI & Automation driven Virtual Assistant.



Shoot&Proof is the first professional solution that instantly captures undisputable pictures. Photos taken with the software are localised, time stamped, signed and coded. This allows you to prove who took the picture, when it was taken and where it has been taken. CodaSystem is controlling and securing the whole process, from the capture to the secured online access platform. Shoot&Proof complies with all European laws and norms regarding IT security and digital signature.


Founded by experienced security professionals, Conostix delivers innovative Internet security solutions. It is within the financial marketplace that Conostix have built its expertise to become a well-respected major player offering solutions to enhance the banks information security measures. With that knowledge, Conostix has now brought enterprise-grade security at reach for small and medium sized companies.


provides storage and payment solutions for the digital currency Bitcoin.
We allow individuals and businesses to create a wallet and start using bitcoins instantly



Find bugs before they find you!Adopt Agile Delivery practices by using continuousphp, a Platform as a Service to build, test, package and deploy php project.


CPI is a machining facilitator with a vast experience in materials ranging from aluminium to titanium. The company is the ideal link between digital simulation and the real production world and works for the aeronautic, transport, automotive and nuclear sectors.


The company 's background derives from the development and production of Micro PCs for airline booking systems. Since 2012 the company has entered the field of digital image processing and content analysis. The company offers video systems that allow counting and classifying customers into gender and age groups. The recently started project with the SnT aims on estimating body size under clothing by fusion of thermal and 2D images. This analysis dramatically optimizes warehousing and logistics for textile retailers.


Since 2001 Cybercultus provides the TV entertainment industry and the multimedia cultural heritage sector with innovative digital content solutions by inventing the RAMO "Reactive and Adaptive Multimedia Objects” semantic layer that insulates content producers from the technical complexity of user immersive applications. By combining advanced user interactivity and social networking with temporal and spatial representations, Cybercultus provides its customers with “highly intuitive / user-centric” TV, Web, and Mobile digital content applications.


Deep Space Industries (acquired by Bradford Space)

The Deep Space Industries strategy is to develop and prove capabilities in three initial areas: flying missions to Near Earth Object (NEO) targets; manipulating and maneuvering NEOs; and processing NEO materials.


ECRES is specialised in the development and production of very high-quality industrial LED technologies. Their products offer advantages versus competition in terms of energy savings, robustness and lifetime. 



EME is an industrial engineering company working on innovative conveyors. 


Epuramat S.A. provides compact, chemicals-free, low energy water and wastewater systems for municipal and industrial clients as well as oil-water-separation systems. The Luxembourg-based company has been founded in 2005.


Building the future of intelligent mobility.


We make medical exoskeletons to help with patient rehabilitation. We give people the chance to walk again and that's just the start!

E-XSTREAM ENGINEERING (acquired by msc-software)

e-Xstream engineering is a software and engineering services company 100% focused on state-of the-art multi-scale modeling of complex multi-phase composites materials and structures (PMC, RMC, MMC, nanocomposites, hard metals, etc). e-xstream develops Digimat the unique nonlinear multi-scale material and structure modeling platform that addresses composite material suppliers' and end users' needs to design and manufacture innovative high-performances products while minimizing their weight, cost and time-to-market.

EZC Group

EZC offers a cloud-enabled development framework and execution platform, YobDrive, for building team-centric collaborative applications.



Where investors, advisors, and CEOs get connected


Galiméo offers patented 3D solutions to the real estate industry. The solution entitles the clients to create highly immersive and interactive 360 ° virtual tours and automatically publish them on a website.


GENTLE SECURITY (aquired by beyondtrust)

GentleSecurity was providing an innovative DLP (Data Leak Prevention) product when it was acquired by BeyondTrust the leading provider of privilege delegation and authorization management solutions, that announced the expansion of its PowerBroker® suite to include PowerBroker® Desktops, DLP Edition, to help customers filter and contain sensitive data critical to their businesses.


Geopowair develops, produces and commercialises a new range of innovative heating pumps.


smart mission operations for nanosatellite megaconstellations

Guala Closures Group

Guala Closures is an Italian Group, worldwide leader in the development and production of caps for the spirit, wine, beverages and oil markets; with 25 plants across 5 continents and 4.000 employees, it produces more than 14 billion caps per year with a turnover higher than 500M Euro; the Group is also present in the Pharma and PET markets. The company decided to create a new Innovation Centre in our industrial facilities in Foetz.


Highside is a high-security messaging and collaboration platform based on our patent-pending time- and location-based encryption technology with privacy and data protection features which exceed even the most-demanding regulations such as GDPR or EU labor laws.  It is an easy-to-deploy and use application available for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android which provides digital natives the user experience they have come to expect from chat applications, but allows organizations to maintain control of their data in ways that consumer-grade applications cannot.

Imagination Factory Luxembourg (IF-LUX)

Is a technology company, designing, implementing, managing and maintaining robust and reliable communications technologies. The company has developed a new generation software/hardware platform that enables an enhanced, participative learning experience combining together physical and digital presence.


in-edit, B2B service & high-tech solution provider, is today’s alternative for mass publishing management including processing and marketing customization.
Thanks to in-edit tools, a breakthrough idea about mass publishing takes shape. in-edit is dedicated to serve companies that rely on mass publication to inform, raise product / service awareness, and lead their customers to new consumption behaviours. in-edit solutions provide essential support for measurable objectives in terms of communication, marketing and ROI.


Intelli + is an expert company in the field of law enforcement. They offer analytical and information management software tools, iDetect, able to bring intelligence and information analysis to a new and more powerful dimension.

iNUI Studio

iNUI Studio is a software company focused on developing innovative Natural User Interfaces solutions (Multi-touch, Gestures recognition and Facial recognition) for a very wide range of applications and markets, such as culture, education, medical technologies, tourism, entertainment, marketing, finance, etc... 


Investify is the first true digital asset manager offering individualized financial advice and investment portfolios to private customers in Europe.
By using revolutionary technology, we provide an easy to use online service that combines highest quality with fair and transparent pricing.


ITTM provides data integration and knowledge management solutions as well as services to improve the value and lifespan of your bio-medical data. 

ITRUST Consulting

iTrust stands for "Information Techniques and Research for Ubiquitous Security and Trust” is a Luxembourg based company founded by Dr Carlo Harpes in 2007. itrust has succeeded in becoming a recognised actor in Luxembourg's and Europe's Information Security Field. It helps public, financial, and private sector customers to protect their information against disclosure, manipulation and unavailability.

JAMENDO (Aquired by musicmatic)

Jamendo is the lead player in the free-music arena. Music is free of charge and totally legal, assigned under Creative Commons licensing. The music distributes on all major music hubs, including peer-to-peer portals, blog communities and social networks. Jamendo helps artists to get connected with fans and new audiences, and shares revenue from advertisers and B2B partners with the right-holders.


JILBEE builds interactive, online learning experiences for global clients. It builds eLearning modules, training videos, animations and films. It also runs the online business education portal – AMPLIFY XL – where entrepreneurs and small business owners can find the educational resources that they need to expand their business and dominate their markets.


Created back in 2001 by experienced professionals in IT, J-Way has initially developed its experience in the creation of solution to customize documents and create expert systems. J-Way vision is to provide tools (J-Publisher™) in order to help non technical people to design on line services ready to deploy and at low cost


The future of Space will be made there.

LUXSCAN TECHNOLOGIES (Aquired by Weinig Group)

LuxScan is the worldwide leader in wood scanning. The company develops and commercialises industrial scanning systems for the timber industry.


Magic Moving Pixel (MMP) is a software development company specializing in internet business solutions, to provide clients with customized web solutions which are easy to use and do not require specific knowledge to maintain.


Yes, we perform 3D scanning & 3D printing. 
But we see them bigger than ever ! 

Maps System

Maps System offers innovative cross-media publishing solutions, based on a powerful data management system able to centralise all the marketing data available in an organisation and facilitate its distribution on different media.

MASH / NoTie

Life Amplified, finance simplified - Payment solutions, consumer credit & credit cards. 


Montrium provides IT solutions and services to life sciences companies in order to improve their research and development processes. The company offers expertise and guidance for strategic technology management, process design and optimization, compliance with Good Practice guidelines and regulations, as well as quality system management.



Creating smart, innovative & emotional products,
breeding new and exciting tech species.

NEONLINE (aquired by new media lux)

NEONLINE edits and, very popular community sites on the Grand-Duchy and the Greater Region and unique communication platform for this specific target.


NeoPixl is dedicated to creating and developing attractive, ergonomic and user-friendly IT applications on a wide range of platforms and devices. Interaction design and prototyping is their main competitive asset.

NEOVALENS (aquired by desktop standard)

NeoValens was an independent provider of innovative systems administration solutions. NeoValens management were successfully involved in the design, development, certification and commercialisation of both systems management and security solutions for Windows for several years.


Nexvia Gives You the Financial Tools to Take Wise Property Decisions and Makes Home Buying & Selling an Elevated Experience!


Noemi Concept has been created after the successful accomplishment of an internal research project of the Public Research Centre Henri Tudor. The aim of the company is to offer to SME/SMI an innovative way of dealing with their IT infrastructure by introducing the concept of shared resource within small clusters of 6-8 companies. The objective is to use best practices of the ITIL standards and apply them to smaller companies to achieve a gain of productivity and cost reduction.


OKAPI:Orbits developed the first ai-powered Space Traffic Management platform with a holistic, independent data base and actionable solutions for all stakeholders reaching from satellite operators to sensor operators, agencies, defence and insurance companies. The software includes automated collision avoidance services, constellation management, risk assessments and predictions to optimize operations, safe costs and valuable lifetime.


OneAll is a technology company offering a set of web-delivered tools and a standardized social network API to simplify the integration of 25+ social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo! and LinkedIn into business and personal websites.

ONETREE Solutions

OneTree Solutions provides specialized business solutions that support companies in their strategic and tactical decision-making, helping them to perform optimally and achieve sustainable growth. It blends knowledge of business domains, economic sciences and information technologies to deliver solutions with quick time-to-value and high return on investment. It is certified IBM Advanced Business Partner, a member of the IBM Cloud Advisory Board, an Oracle Gold ISV Partner, and a ISV Partner and has offices in Luxembourg and the United States.



Onformonics Ltd is a compliance management services company, dedicated to assisting businesses understand, achieve and maintain compliance with various regulatory and industry standards in the area of information security.  With the cost of compliance ever increasing Onformonics practical, experienced and innovative approach can help to contain the cost by ensuring that compliance is simply part of normal business operations. Onformonics also seeks to help businesses increase the business value of compliance by leveraging compliance standards to reduce risk, increase management visibility and implement best practices.

Open Assessment Technologies SA (Acquired by Uchida Yoko Co)

The company is developping and commercialising a free, Open Source assessment solution called TAO that enables the creation and delivery of effective and engaging computer-based tests online. TAO supports a wide range of question types from simple multiple-choice items to complex problem solving; it can be easily deployed on any scale – whether within a classroom or across multiple continents.


The open source password manager your team was waiting for.

Paycash (acquired by Mercedes Pay)

Paycash is developing next generation mobile payment solutions. Paycash’s unique selling proposition lies in its real time payment processing capacity as well as in the increased level of security being offered by its unique technology.


Raval Europe was founded in 2002 to address the European automotive market. The company is specialized in plastic injection molding and more specifically in the venting valves sectors. Raval Europe is a subsidiary from Raval, the Israeli mother company founded in 2000.


RCDevs provides enterprise-grade security solutions for both professionals and non-professionals. Their solutions rely on proven technologies and open standards and are high-quality, cost-effective and respond to all the needs in terms of user authentication, access control and secure transaction.


The company is offering rotomoulding efficiency and has position as a leader on the Luxembourg plastics manufacturing market. The company has a high-technology plant (>8 000 m²) intended for the manufacture of plastic parts. Rotomade has an expert engineering department (design and studies); can manufacture or prototype your machinery, produce rotomoulded parts and even more.



Optimising the Control of Urban Water Systems

SECUREWAVE (merged with patchlink - today lumension)

SecureWave was the leading provider of Host Intrusion Prevention solutions. It provided solutions to centrally control and manage I/O device access and application execution. Today it is part of Lumension a leading global security management company, providing unified protection and control of all enterprise endpoints, applications and devices.

SEEZAM (acquired by systemat group)

Seezam offers virtual safe deposit services accessible from anywhere and fully secured. Their IT solution allows companies to store and share very sensitive and confidential information.


Safe & Sustainable Wilderness Discovery.

Silent Breach

Silent Breach is a cyber security company that specializes in network security and digital asset protection. Companies are compromised on a daily basis, resulting in direct financial losses, eroding customer loyalty, harming company's reputation and sometimes triggering significant fines and penalties. The company is developping the next generation smart, currative and massively scalable SIEM system.


SIPA offers advanced plastic manufacturing and filling technologies. The company has developed a unique, diversified and competitive range of bottle manufacturing platforms: linear and rotary blowmolders, injection machines, integrated machines, complete filling lines, tooling for non-SIPA platforms, etc.


SkyfloX is a European Space Agency 'spin-off' company, developing the concept ORCA (Optical and Rf Constellations on Aircraft). ORCA proposes to use commercial aviation aircraft for Earth observation and telecommunication services such as forest fire detection, pollution monitoring, or Machine-to-Machine communications.

SPARC Industries

SPARC Industries sarl is a spin-off from GRADEL sarl. The core competence of our company is the development of plasma-based technologies. SPARC Industries is currently researching and developing three technologies in this field. The IEC Thruster (for satellite propulsion); a Neutron generator and a Plasma simulation software


Spiece provides tailor made advanced products from research and development in the fields of remote measuring, road traffic, and industrial automation.


Stealth Software is dedicated to develop and market advanced enabling technologies that seamlessly integrate IT applications and infrastructure (with a focus on SharePoint infrastructure). The scope is to empower client organisations by leveraging information and content management systems in cloud computing.


Sustainwater implements innovative, efficient and perennial solutions in all areas related to water. The team around Prof. Vasel has more than 30 years of cumulative experience in water treatment in general.


SYD offers a complete solution to help you better manage your business transactions and to help you better coordinate all relations between the people who are directly or indirectly involved.


Symfo International SA
(acquired by Biomedical System (US))

Symfo was a global ePRO provider, specialized in creating patient-oriented, cost-effective, robust and reliable electronic patient reported outcome (ePRO) and data collection solutions for CROs, pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device companies and academic institutions conducting Phase I to IV clinical studies or post-marketing surveys.


Synedge is the next generation content delivery network for the mobile world. 51% sold to Ocom (Leaseweb - NL).


Solutions for smartphone centimetric location, digital capture and visualization in augmented reality of the environment, for buried facilities manager and public works companies


TaDaweb provides users with a powerful means of structuring the unstructured nature of information available on the Internet. The TaDaTechnology enable precise web information to be extracted, manipulated and outputted how and where a user requires, creating new and previously inaccessible web data streams.



Innovative solutions for Biowaste storage and transportation


Accelerating diagnosis through digital microscopy and artificial intelligence.


TenTwentyFour applies the flexibility of Free software and the efficiency of proven development methodologies to create lean and reliable solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises.



Theracule is personalized drug discovery company for orphan diseases and precision medicine. 

TRENDICTION / Talkwalker (Acquired by Hootsuite)

Trendiction is a social media service provider that offers an easy access to consumer generated data. Trendiction has developed the Trendiction Online Aggregation Service, an online data acquisition and filtering service that utilizes proprietary spidering methods to automatically find, collect, process, classify, filter and deliver publicly available, time-relevant and decentralized social media content.


Villmond Luxembourg delivers strategic Content Management, Collaboration and Integration solutions based on Enterprise Open Source and proprietary software to some of the most demanding organisations. Our team of consultants combines strong business and technical skills with deep experience in the Engineering, Finance, Government, Oil & Gas, Publishing and Telecommunications markets. Villmond Luxembourg assists clients to achieve measurable business benefits using proven methodologies and state of the art technology.


Boost your VR storytelling.

WaferGen Biosystems

WaferGen Biosystems, Inc. is an emerging leader in the development, manufacture, and sale of state-of-the-art systems for genome analysis for the life science and pharmaceutical industries.


Wordbee provides IT solutions aimed at optimising translation processes inside organisations. Their web solution allows translating, revising and managing work within and across small and large translation teams, controlling and managing the entire process.



intelligent robotics by 3D vision 


Xintec is a fast-emerging “back office” software company providing leading-edge solutions to mobile telecom operators. Specialised in the manipulation of roaming billing data by the use of innovative business processes, tools and techniques, the Xintec team’s well-grounded experience of this competitive sector helps industry players operate more efficiently by lowering the overall cost of business.


The Cloud Services Solution for Your Apps.


Helps developers to go faster from design to code by reusing the knowledge embedded in the design and converting it into ready-to-use source code. It improves the way developers create web & mobile applications and considerably reduces development costs. 



Making Real Estate Digital.