The Brand history

The Technoport© brand has been used for the first time back in 1994, when the Public Research Centre Henri Tudor suggested the construction of a new building to guarantee its strategic development. This building should include this idea of technology-oriented business incubator under the name “Technoport Kirchberg” (Kirchberg = neighborhood in Luxembourg city-center). The final project “Technoport Schlassgoart” (Schlassgoart = location in Esch-sur-Alzette city town) has finally been inaugurated in 1998.

Combining the French words “technologie” and “port” (port = stands for harbor) the name Technoport clearly states the essence of the incubator concept: to be an initial anchoring point for individuals who have projects, a harbour where they will be able to develop their company and then leave it for further expansion (or sink in some cases ☺). The concept of harbor stresses however also this idea of alumni that are eager to come back and share experiences, be a coach or a mentor to newcomers.

The logo has evolved over the years to be less linked to a specific geographical place like it was originally.



1994: the term Technoport is used for the first time in a pilot-project “Technoport Kirchberg”

1997: the domain name is registered

1998: official launch of the “Technoport Schlassgoart” project in Esch-sur-Alzette

2006: first deposit of the Technoport brand (logo – EU)

2010: renewal of the nominal brand name and extension of the classes of services

2012: transfer of the brand to Technoport SA – the newly created entity