Current SME Network

At Technoport we host a range of innovative businesses that are working at developing and increasing their market share to be able to join the list of successful companies that exited the incubator and are now generating significant revenue across many international markets. Take a tour and discover their innovative products and services.



A company creating advanced and high-performance materials for additive manufacturing. 



Arspectra is a medical technology company specialized in the design of novel augmented reality solutions for surgeons - developing advanced telemedicine and surgical navigation platforms in partnership with renown medical experts and research institutions. Its proprietary technology enables unprecedented levels of surgical efficiency by a more natural and straightforward use of medical patient and image data.


ArViCom is specialized in the design and supply of AR-based communication technologies. Developed in collaboration with expert partners, its solutions enable remote assistance, maintenance, and training through novel visual experiences for various industrial and mobile care applications. Its specialized communication units enable a global reach to, and virtual presence of remote but necessary expertise.


Dropslab Technologies is a SaaS-based platform for the manufacturing and machine building sector to boost the efficiency of human labor by providing instant access to process information. Our solution provides real-time guidance to frontline workers directly in their line-of-sight and enables them to do the tasks with higher efficiency and fewer errors. This allows manufacturing companies to cut overhead and waste, which translates to lower costs and higher competitiveness.


We discover entirely new materials for space radiation shielding using artificial intelligence.


We make medical exoskeletons to help with patient rehabilitation. We give people the chance to walk again and that's just the start!


Four Point is a Polish/Luxemburg space technology Startup, which provides full value chain services including design, manufacturing, integration, launch and on Moon operations for complete Autonomous Payload Transportation systems, as well as data acquisition. Four Point provides solutions across terrestrial mining value chain especially with its tools utilizing satellite remote sensing techniques for prospecting, monitoring ecological impact and reporting.


Klin is the first fully integrated on-demand dry-cleaning and laundry solution in Luxembourg. At Klin, we will improve the overall customer experience by emphasizing on service quality, a digital presence and ecological packaging alternatives.


Leko Homes - the only home that takes care of the people inside it and the world around it.


LMO combines innovative space technologies in Propulsion and Artificial Intelligence. LMO‘s subsystems allow satellites to autonomously navigate and dock in-space, enabling in-orbit manufacturing, repair and refuelling becoming a key provider for the New In Space Economy.


Creating a permanent presence in space for humanity, while having a positive impact here on Earth.



Spine deformities concern millions of patients leading to a significant disability and reduction in the Quality of Life. Fusion of the spine might be the treatment but is very hard to perform right. MDsim offers a software solution to help medical device companies and spine surgeons to develop innovative surgical treatment solutions and to plan and implement these solutions during spine surgeries.

MPG (MolecularPlasmaGroup)

MPG MolecularPlasmaGroup (former FunCoats) is delivering nanometric super-hydrophobic coating services and patented products using atmospheric plasma process.


Myelin-H is a neurotechnology company developing biologically inspired (neuromorphic) software solutions for terrestrial and space health. Our neurotechnology helps hospitals & biopharma companies monitor and treat neurological disorders remotely (at home) and monitor & cognitively train astronauts in outer space (ISS, Moon, Mars, and beyond). 


Odysseus aims at unlocking space business with cost effective solutions. The company develops technologies geared to enable the use of small satellites for deep space exploration while addressing the small satellite constellations market.


Orbitare is building Spaceloop, the future of personal satellite communication. The friendly experience will connect users to the Spaceloop network from the smartphone via their personal satellite hotspot to send messages, pictures and documents including vital information like weather forecasts or medical reports. Spaceloop will keep people always safe and connected to those who matter to them.


SPiN is a leading provider of modularity solutions for the space sector, offering satellite integration solutions to transform satellites into modular systems: a service to design satellites in a flexible concept using model-based system engineering methodology and a plug and play intelligent data node adapter, the MA61C. SPiN enables satellite manufacturers to spend high-value time and money where it counts: pursuing new ventures.


Solutions for smartphone centimetric location, digital capture and visualization in augmented reality of the environment, for buried facilities manager and public works companies


yuri democratizes access to microgravity, e.g. to the International Space Station, by making it simpler, quicker and more affordable. They develop a portfolio of modular and reusable bioreactors, which can be launched to the ISS, orbital capsules, suborbital rockets and parabolic flights. The team has more than 30 years combined space experience and has launched 11 ISS payloads to date.



Carraro Lux-Tech-R&D Centre

CARRARO Lux-Tech-R&D Centre aims to propose innovative electrified transmission systems suitable for construction equipment (Compact Wheel Loader CWL, Telehandler THL, Backhoe Loader BHL) and Agriculture vehicles. Our company is conscious about CO2 emissions and its environmental impact and it has established a consistent plan for sustainability, and resources and environment risk minimization. Thermal combustion engines contribute considerably in greenhouse gas (GHG) and harmful particles emissions. Following the European and worldwide recommendation for environment protection and greenhouse gas emission reduction, our R&D Centre will focus on innovation and conceiving a new generation of electrified environment friendly transmission systems.The innovation will concern hardware and software aspects by proposing an innovative solution that includes: i) mechanical design resulting from researching a new transmission architecture and mathematical modeling and calculation for an optimal efficiency of the system. This will consider developing a simulation environment which will allow parallel simulation techniques to run in the same environment for an optimal validation of the concept and reduction of number of prototypes to validate the final product, ii) researching and devlopping electrical drives adaptable to the product specification with deep research on new materials and components to be used for E-Motors, iii) the development of connected transmission system by creating a cloud for data collection and analysis of the transmission which will be based on developping Artificial Intelligence AI algorithms and a Machine Learning Model that provides a meaningful information about the system behaviour mainly for predicitve maintenance.


Thales Alenia Space's mission is to design, build and deliver satellite systems : to geolocate and connect people and objects around the world; to observe our planet; and to optimize the use of the Earth's resources and those of our Solar System.